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Replace a BMW Key Battery

It is easy to replace your BMW key battery at home. If the battery you have is dead, take off the cover of your key fob and replace it with a brand new one.

Whether you need to change the battery on your key fob, your Smart Key, Comfort Access or Sleek Slant Shaped key replacement is simple and will have you back on the road in the shortest amount of time.


The cost to replace the cost of replacing a BMW key depends on many factors, such as the type of key you’ve got. For example, a transponder key can be more expensive to replace than a standard key. The cost also depends on the source you purchase the key from. Keys can be replaced by dealers, locksmiths, and online shops.

Transponder keys contain chips that communicate with the computer in your car. Without this chip, your vehicle will not start. This can cause a lot of frustration for drivers who need to get their car working again.

Modern cars have key fobs which can be used with remotes. This allows you to lock and unlock the vehicle without the need to insert a key. Some cars come with touchscreens that allow you to control the air conditioning and doors to lock and unlock and many more functions.

The cost of a BMW key for your car ranges from $300 and $410 for the proximity model and $165 to $210 if are looking for a more traditional model. The proximity key has an aluminum blade as opposed to the classic key which features a diamond-shaped shape.

Before you purchase a new key call the dealership and request a price. They will give you an estimate of cost of labor. They’ll also be able inform you whether they have a software that can reprogram the key for free, or if they will require a fee.

Another option is to visit an automotive locksmith, who can reprogram your key at a lower cost than a dealership would charge. Typically, they don’t have to haul your vehicle away and this can reduce the cost substantially.

Depending on how many keys have been programmed into the system, the process can take anywhere from one to two days. If more than five are lost it is possible that a new computer will be required to be purchased and installed before a new key is created.

Theft is the most frequent reason why keys can be lost. This is especially the case for luxury vehicles that feature more advanced security features built into the fobs. A crystal fob included with Aston Martins can cost $2,000 to replace or change the program.


If you’re in the market to replace a BMW key, make sure you choose a key that’s safe and reliable. You don’t want to have a key to be stolen or hacked, which could compromise your vehicle’s security.

Many BMWs have numerous features that make it difficult to hack your car’s computer system. The chip inside the key transmits unique signal to the car’s computer. This will prevent anyone else from accessing your car.

Comfort Access System is another feature that allows you to unlock your BMW with wireless proximity sensors. This makes it simple to unlock your BMW without the need to locate an additional key in your purse or pocket.

This is especially useful on hot days when you have to cool down and open your windows. It lowers the risk of being struck by a passing vehicle.

You will need to make an appointment with your dealer or auto locksmith to obtain a new key. These experts can program and chip a new key for you. Therefore, it’s important to work with a trusted person.

Once you have your replacement BMW key, pair it with the car’s safety system. It’s easy and will take only a few minutes.

First take off the backplate of your old key fob. This can be accomplished with a small flathead screwdriver. You’ll be able to view the battery underneath the backplate once it is removed.

Then take to replace the battery of the key fob. It’s a simple and cheap process that takes just some minutes.

BimmerTech can supply an alternative BMW key. They provide original keys that are specifically designed for your vehicle. They are laser-cut by bmw 6 series key and coded by them. This ensures that they are genuine and compatible with your car’s security systems. They also offer a simple online ordering process that can save you time and effort.


Getting a replacement BMW key isn’t easy, and the procedure isn’t always an easy one. Because the business requires lots of information and only a few trusted partners for key programming, it can be difficult to locate a replacement BMW key. This is to protect customers and lower costs for key replacement.

To obtain a new key for your BMW you need to log in to your personal account and follow the steps that appear within 72 hours of placing your order. You’ll be asked to enter your VIN and then activation instructions will be delivered to your email inbox.

BimmerTech can assist you with any other issues. The most common problem with BMW keys is the battery. If this occurs, the vehicle’s immobilizer system may not recognize the key fob.

If this is the situation, replaced you can get in touch with a professional locksmith or bring it to your dealer. It can be costly and time-consuming to replace a key fob.

You can also purchase the BMW key replacement online, though you will need wait for two weeks for the process to be completed. If you’re in a hurry to get your keys back, this could be a problem. However, BimmerTech offers an easy ordering procedure that is less stressful than visiting the dealership.

In addition to being a helpful tool in the event that you lose or damage your keys, an updated key fob could provide access to several cool features on your BMW that you may have missed. It is possible to connect your fob to an individual driver profile, which lets you save presets for the way your car is driven and the type of position you like.

Many BMW vehicles also allow the use of your smartphone as a replacement for the key fob or “surrogate” key. This technology makes use of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) or near field communication (NFC) to connect your device to the car’s keyless entry system. If you want to test this out, BMW offers a free iPhone setup service that transforms your phone into an electronic key that can unlock the vehicle. The only drawback is that you will need to take your iPhone from your pocket before you are able to start the vehicle.


If your BMW key battery fails it’s easy to replace it at home. Make sure you’re using the correct size battery, which is a the CR2032 battery (also known as”watch battery”) “watch battery”) that’s typically available in chain stores around Riverside and also on the internet.

You can charge your BMW key using batteries if you have an older model. But, it’s important to keep in mind that this could take the battery from your car and you should use the charger only when needed.

The pairing of a new digital key with your BMW is the ideal method to replace your key. This lets you unlock your car’s doors and start the engine by tapping your mobile on the door handle or by pressing it against the NFC sensor.

Download the BMW Connected application and log in to configure your new BMW keys. Next, tap the Digital Key Setup button in the app.

Then, put your iPhone or Apple Watch on the tray with NFC sensor. Knizek estimates that it took him about an hour to set up his M440i rental, but it was easy to unlock the car and use the new key to turn it on once it was set up.

Unlike traditional key fobs, this technology isn’t designed to work with a range of other key fobs, making it more difficult for criminals to gain access to your car using a counterfeit or used key. This feature also limits the number keys that can be paired to your car that could in preventing theft.

We’re happy to help you at Tulley BMW Nashua if you have any questions regarding replacing your BMW keys.

A Bluetooth-enabled smartkey can be added to your car’s keychain to replace your BMW key. This option is available to all BMW models made after July 2020. This technology integrates Bluetooth with NFC technologies. You can unlock your BMW by simply tapping the NFC reader on your dashboard or the door handle.